Monday, January 1, 2001

Mr. Belvedere: The Main Cast

Mr. Aloysius Belvedere, played by actor Christopher Hewett. The Man. The big guy. The English butler around whom the entire show revolves around. Or is that Wesley?

George Owens, played by actor and sports personality Bob Uecker. The father of the house, and Mr. Belvedere's arch nemesis.

Marsha Owens, played by actress Ilene Graff. George's wife, the family's mom and lawyer, and a great voice to boot!

Kevin Owens, played by actor Rob Stone. Eldest son, avarage B- student and always struggling with the girls.

Heather Owens, played by actress Tracy Wells. Boy crazy teenager with a social conscience. Wesley's favorite victim.

Wesley Owens, played by actor Brice Beckham. The runt, the brat, and Mr. Belvedere's nightmare. The show's real star.