Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Kevin and Casey

I received an email today from someone looking for information about a certain episode:

Hey there,
If at all possible i would love to know the name of the episode that Kevin meets the girl with the broken leg, she is a tall brown haired woman . That was one of my favorite episodes and i was just curious if you knew the name of it. THANK YOU, ANDY

Thanks for writing Andy! Here's my answer:

The title of the episode is "Roommates", the third episode of Season 5. Kevin (Rob Stone), as part of his class, works for a plumbing supply factory where Casey (Eileen Seeley) works as a supervisor. Wanting to prove his worth, Kevin suggests to the boss that the workers use roller skates so that they could work more swiftly.

This causes Casey to break her ankle and move in with Kevin in his apartment.

Here is a pic of Kevin and Casey from another episode:

Eileen has been seen in numerous TV shows and movies. She has appeared in such prestigious shows as Star Trek: The Next Generation, ER, and Who's the Boss. In motion pictures, she was most recently seen as Anne in Jack Frost and Jack Frost 2. She played Martha Wayne, Bruce Wayne's mom in Batman: Forever.

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