Saturday, February 14, 2009

DVD Special Features Announced!


The features for the Mr. Belvedere Season 1 & 2 DVD has been announced! There will be all new cast interviews, as well as the classic Saturday Night Live "Mr. Belvedere Fan Club" skit with Tom Hanks.

New cast interviews include those by Bob Uecker, Ilene Graff, Brice Beckham and Rob Stone.

It's good to know that they've included the SNL skit in this one. It goes to show what sports they are for doing so. After all, the skit does look unkindly towards Mr. Belvedere fans and Mr. Belvedere himself. Of course, it's nice to know the makers of this DVD, and hopefully the fans, would have the sense of humor to just laugh at it, and consider that the show got popular enough to be spoofed at all at the legendary Saturday Night Live.

Wishful thinking made me hope for a few audio commentaries, but I'm perfectly happy with the new interviews... and of course, perfectly happy that these DVDs are coming out at all. Thanks again to Shout! Factory for making all this possible.

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Heather Bartlett said...

Thanks for posting this blog. I'll admit I have never watched Mr. Belvedere. At the time it was out I was a busy teen mom and didn't watch much tv. When I did, it was MTV!

I came across the show today and recognized the intro (which I watched on Youtube) and the promo poster. The reason it came up was because I am doing research on Beaver Falls - where I was born and where my family comes from.

Anyway - CHEERIO!