Friday, August 13, 2010

Ilene Graff in "Castle"

Aaaand I'm BACK! Sorry for being away so long. The BIG JOB has been pretty demanding of late. Hopefully I can squeeze in time here and there to update this blog, specially since my Season 4 of the Mr. Belvedere DVD is finally on it's way! YEAH!

It got hard for me to order when they went Shout Factory! Direct. I really can't blame them, though. In fact, I think they're awesome for continuing to release the DVDs in spite of the numbers, which have since discouraged the big online retailers from picking it up. Boo Amazon! Boo everyone of you online retailer companies you! I'll be back posting detailed reviews of Mr. Belvedere episodes soon enough!

What brought me back? Well, I saw Ilene Graff in Castle! Actually, I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I saw the episode a long time ago (this is the 4th episode of Castle's second season) but Ilene Graff completely flew below my radar. I was staring at her all that time and I didn't even notice. My Belvedere cred has taken a serious hit, folks!

I only noticed it when I saw Castle listed among Ilene's IMDB credits and I was shocked to realize she had been in that episode. I saw it again and now I realize why I didn't notice her. She didn't smile at all, except slightly and briefly in the entire episode. I guess I'm just used to seeing Ilene smile all the time.


Oh yeah, Geocities has finally gone down. So my Mr. Belvedere site there has finally gone kaput. But I have it all saved in my hard drive so I'll be transferring info from the site to this blog slowly.

Be back soon!

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