Monday, June 10, 2002

Latest Update

Latest Update

Sorry for the long time without updates on this page! I'm still pushing through with the site of course. I just had a problem with Geocities with regard to, the online service which enables me to update this page regularly. Geocities has recently removed the option to send files to them remotely via FTP, which Blogger does. So I've moved the space I'm using for Mr. Belvedere's journal to Tripod. Sorry it took so long to do.

In the meantime, I'm sure all of you have read from the front page that Mr. Belvedere's creator, Gwen Davenport has passed away. My prayers go to her family. I'm grateful to her for creating such a memorable character.

Thanks to Dave Keast for summaries to some episodes that I haven't seen. According to him, Mr. Belvedere is currently being shown on CITS-TV Channel 36, in Burlington, Ontario Canada, and on channel 439 Express Vu Sattelite System. Thanks Dave! I'll update the page once I'm able to...

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