Monday, June 24, 2002

Do You Want Mr. Belvedere on DVD?


A lot of people have been writing to me whether I had episodes on tape or I know someone who has. To be honest, I don't have a single episode on tape. Which is to my eternal disappointment because at the time the show was being re run on cable a few years ago, I still didn't have a VCR. With the enormous success of DVD as a video format and the release of many TV shows on DVD... you have to think. What about Mr. Belvedere? Nothing official has been released, but now you can have a chance to vote and let 20th Century Fox know that you WANT this show on DVD!!

Go to this website:, register and vote! As of this writing, only 24 people have voted, including myself, which isn't a lot. With the thousands of people visiting this site, I wonder what would happen if all of them registered and voted. We could have Mr. Belvedere on DVD sooner than we thought! Come on Mr. Belvedere fans! This is your chance to finally own episodes of your favorite show on the best video format on the market right now.

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