Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bob Uecker Interview (May 2008)

There's a relatively new interview with Bob Uecker (George Owens) where he answers quite a lot of questions about Mr. Belvedere. Here are some exerpts:

Q: Is "Mr. Belvedere" coming to DVD in our lifetimes?
Bob Uecker:
I don't know. I mean, we were on for six years. We were in syndication for a while. It had its run. I still see the people from "Mr. Belvedere" too. We stay in touch. I don't see "Mr. Belvedere" because he passed away a few years ago.

Q: What kind of guy was Christopher Hewett?
He was great. I had a good time with him. We had a lot of fun on that show. He was one of those guys who was a true actor. Born in Scotland, brought up in England, very proper — which made it work perfectly because I wasn't very proper. I always used to tell him bad things about the queen that used to upset him. I'd make up stuff and get him all upset. It was fun.

For the full interview:

Answer Man: Bob Uecker talks Mr. Belvedere, Miller Lite ads

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