Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's about time I restarted this blog.

This is a companion blog to the Mr. Belvedere site which can be found here:

Mr. Belvedere!

Wow, Geocities. That certainly dates the site. My very first Mr. Belvedere site was located here. Thank goodness for Archive.org. That was way back May 1998. More than 10 years now, hosted at my old Internet provider. I got interested in the show because it was showing on cable at the time. When they stopped showing it, and I got busy with work and other things, I sort of put this Mr. Belvedere thing behind me.

Right now I'm incredibly busy with my work, so I'm stumped why I chose this time of all times, to revisit Mr. Belvedere and put up a blog. I don't know. I guess I *can't* put it behind me. Crazy. Well, more updates soon I guess.

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