Friday, August 27, 2010

My Mr. Belvedere Season 4 DVD has finally arrived!

Oh yeah! It was a long time coming, but it's finally here! My Season 4 DVD of Mr. Belvedere! I had no means to buy it directly from Shout! Factory, where it is available (aside from Ebay), so I asked a friend of mine to buy it for me. If you want your own set, you can order this DVD at this link:

The earlier seasons you can also buy at Shout! or at other online retailers (links on the left column).

I'm excited to watch these episodes all over again. From the episode list, I remember really liking episodes like "Heather's Monk", "Kevin's Model" and "The Diary".

There are no commentaries or interviews, but I'm nevertheless glad that Shout! still decided to continue releasing Mr. Belvedere in complete season sets in spite of the reduced numbers that bought the subsequent sets.. I hope us Mr. Belvedere fans would support Shout! by buying this DVD so they'll go ahead and release the rest of the series.

I will be posting my thoughts on each episode on this blog eventually.

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Matt Quack said...

Where's your Season 4 review?? Maybe it will entice more people to pick it up and give us a chance for season 5! :)