Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vote for the Release of Mr. Belvedere Season 5 DVD!

Shout! Factory needs some more convincing to release Season 5 on DVD! Let's not stop now. Only TWO more seasons to go! Head on over to Shout! Factory's website and vote for Mr. Belvedere at the link below!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Season 4 DVD Appeal from a Mr. Belvedere Fan on YouTube!

From YouTube user

The video desciption as follows:
Please watch the entire video first before commenting. Note: I am NOT associated with Shout! Factory, nor do I work for them. I am just trying to get the word out about my favorite show that is being released by this company. No copyright infringement intended. Also, please excuse the small watermark on the bottom-left corner. It was because I uploaded the video to YouTube from authorstream. Please keep all comments appropriate and clean.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Mr. Belvedere Season 4 DVD has finally arrived!

Oh yeah! It was a long time coming, but it's finally here! My Season 4 DVD of Mr. Belvedere! I had no means to buy it directly from Shout! Factory, where it is available (aside from Ebay), so I asked a friend of mine to buy it for me. If you want your own set, you can order this DVD at this link:

The earlier seasons you can also buy at Shout! or at other online retailers (links on the left column).

I'm excited to watch these episodes all over again. From the episode list, I remember really liking episodes like "Heather's Monk", "Kevin's Model" and "The Diary".

There are no commentaries or interviews, but I'm nevertheless glad that Shout! still decided to continue releasing Mr. Belvedere in complete season sets in spite of the reduced numbers that bought the subsequent sets.. I hope us Mr. Belvedere fans would support Shout! by buying this DVD so they'll go ahead and release the rest of the series.

I will be posting my thoughts on each episode on this blog eventually.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mr. Belvedere Needs Help!

Hello guys!

What do you think of the Mr. Belvedere DVDs so far? Me, I just love em! Unfortunately, dwindling sales have caused the online retailers (like Amazon) from carrying Season 4. Right now, you can only buy this DVD set from Shout! Factory directly (or from Ebay).

If you've been holding off buying the DVDs, I do suggest you buy Season 4 from Shout! because they need the encouragement to release the rest of the series. I heard that someone from Shout! had been lamenting about the absence of fans who promised to buy the DVDs when they became available.

Well, here it is! If you want to see the rest of the series on DVD, you can help out by ordering Season 4 from the site here:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ilene Graff in "Castle"

Aaaand I'm BACK! Sorry for being away so long. The BIG JOB has been pretty demanding of late. Hopefully I can squeeze in time here and there to update this blog, specially since my Season 4 of the Mr. Belvedere DVD is finally on it's way! YEAH!

It got hard for me to order when they went Shout Factory! Direct. I really can't blame them, though. In fact, I think they're awesome for continuing to release the DVDs in spite of the numbers, which have since discouraged the big online retailers from picking it up. Boo Amazon! Boo everyone of you online retailer companies you! I'll be back posting detailed reviews of Mr. Belvedere episodes soon enough!

What brought me back? Well, I saw Ilene Graff in Castle! Actually, I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I saw the episode a long time ago (this is the 4th episode of Castle's second season) but Ilene Graff completely flew below my radar. I was staring at her all that time and I didn't even notice. My Belvedere cred has taken a serious hit, folks!

I only noticed it when I saw Castle listed among Ilene's IMDB credits and I was shocked to realize she had been in that episode. I saw it again and now I realize why I didn't notice her. She didn't smile at all, except slightly and briefly in the entire episode. I guess I'm just used to seeing Ilene smile all the time.


Oh yeah, Geocities has finally gone down. So my Mr. Belvedere site there has finally gone kaput. But I have it all saved in my hard drive so I'll be transferring info from the site to this blog slowly.

Be back soon!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pre-Order Mr. Belvedere Season 4 DVD Now!

Let's not make Shout Factory regret buying the rights to this show by showing support for buying from them directly!  Why directly? It seems that the big retailers are no longer ordering for sale at their shops because of the decreased sales after the Season 1-2 Box Set. Where have you guys gone? You can pre-order the DVD HERE. It will be available on January 19, 2010.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mr. Belvedere DVD Season FOUR! OH YES!

Bad news is, the DVD sets have been selling less and less per season, resulting in flagging interest from retailers to stock the new set. But the DVD will still be available at the Shout! Factory site beginning January 19, 2010.

Read about this bit of news at TV Shows on DVD here.

I gotta say I'm kinda disappointed that there isn't much support from fans for this DVD. Perhaps we're not as many as we thought we were. ha! ha! But if this is sold directly from Shout!, it will most likely mean a larger profit margin for them as they won't have to deal with retailer commissions. (Either that or they lower retail price.) That means the show may prove to be more profitable for Shout! in the long run, and it would allow them to continue producing the DVDs well into the 6th season.

An interesting tidbit in the news in the link is that bonus material in this DVD set includes commentaries from creator and cast. I'm not sure who the "creator" they got to do commentaries, but I'm betting it's Jeff Stein.

Mr. Belvedere Season 4 DVD will soon be made available at this particular page at Shout! Factory's site. Let's make this the most popular page on Shout's site when the time comes!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Whole Lotta Brice

After being unceremoniously pulled from You Tube, Brice's Drama 3/4 Production company's channel is back on the site. And they want your help!

Drama 3/4 Big Fat Demo Reel

Drama 3/4 Big Fat Addendum

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Mr. Belvedere Season 3 DVD is HERE!

I wasn't able to pre-order Mr. Belvedere Season 3 right away (sigh. economy), but I placed an order as soon as I could and now it's here! OH YEAH!

The first thing I did was listen to the audio commentary on "DUETS", the episode where George gets electrocuted in the bathtub and decides to be a lounge singer. Robert Goulet guests. I love this episode because of the part where Ilene Graff shows us for the first time (in this show) how awesome she is as a singer. There are plenty of really cool behind the scenes info shared on the audio track like how Ilene often runs into guests of the show in public and how some remember her, and some don't. There's some talk about the technicalities of the show, specially the difficulty of shooting "porch" scenes. Ilene talks about how thrilling it was to record with Robert Goulet, and Brice does an absolutely UNCANNY Robert Goulet. It was amazing.

I've been so busy at work that I managed to watch just that one episode so far, but I'm amazed at how much Brice remembers about the show. He even remembers minutia of set details, and how the Hufnagels never appeared on the show except the maid, which appears in one episode, then the actress appears again in another episode to marry Mr. Belvedere.

Speaking of Brice, some of my recent work involves Brice directly. I'm proud to say that his art will appear in a comic book for the first time in "Where Bold Stars Go To Die", which I am writing. Brice contributes a pinup for this comic book that's just absolutely gorgeous. The comic book is now at the press and I should be getting copies next week. More about this in a future post.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tracy Wells for Patrick Lopez and Associates

I won't get my Mr. Belvedere Season 3 DVD until next month, but until then, here's a video I found featuring Tracy Wells, posted August 2009.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Release of Season 3 DVD Imminent!

The release of the Mr. Belvedere Season 3 DVD is only two days away! Whoo hoo! Have you ordered your copies yet? If you haven't, please reserve your copies at your local store, your favorite online store, or at Amazon!

Watch the Mr. Belvedere DVD Trailer here!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ilene Graff at Magic Castle Anniversary

(Isn't that just an awesome photo of Ilene? Photo courtesy of

Ilene Graff To Appear In Celebration Of The 100th Anniversary Of The Magic Castle, Celebration To Take Place 9/14-15

Cabaret at the Castle ( has chosen Grammy-nominated recording artist, television and Broadway star, Ilene Graff (, to appear in celebration of 100th anniversary of the structure known today as the Magic Castle. Accompanied by her Musical Director-husband Ben Lanzarone, Graff performs songs from Broadway, the movies and the pop world with completely unique interpretations and arrangements.

For the full article, click here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Interview with Zach Baker (Updated)

Zach Baker played "Wayne" in the episode "The Outcasts", the 2nd episode of the first season of Mr. Belvedere. I managed to track Zach down and I'm very glad he agreed to be interviewed for this site.

Thanks very much to Zach for taking the time to offer his thoughts about his stint on the show, and update us with what's he's been up to all these years. Thanks Zach! Much appreciated!

According to IMDB, the role of Wayne is your one and only acting credit on TV/Film. Is this accurate?

I have two other minor appearances (the pilot of Otherworld and in a skit for Flip Wilson's People Are Funny) around the same time. But of course, Mr. Belvedere is the highlight of my acting career!

Have you done acting outside of TV/Film like on the stage? What led you to the role and why didn't you continue acting?

Well, my acting career actually started with a classified ad in the Los Angeles Times. I was in the second grade and very quick to strike up conversations, especially with adults. One day there was an ad looking for "outgoing children between the ages of 6 and 9" for a game show. I loved game shows, so when my parents took me to audition I was thrilled. The game show was Child's Play hosted by the legendary Bill Cullen. I ended up doing several appearances on the show, defining words for the grown-up contestants to guess.

As time went on, I saw how many of the (very bright) kids I was with at Child's Play and even some of my classmates at my elementary school (Carpenter Avenue in Studio City) were involved in acting. So I got interested in doing that as well, and my mom was very kind to take me around town to auditions. So that ended up being my after-school activity instead of piano lessons or karate practice. I wasn't as focused on it as most of the other kids in the business, and really wasn't a very good actor, but I enjoyed it. Later I attended a performing arts magnet school and played the lead role in our high school play, so I did improve my skills significantly and really enjoy acting, but I simply haven't pursued it professionally since then.

So although I actually auditioned for Wayne, was called back for another audition, I didn't get the part. However, the acting business is about what breaks you get as much as anything. As it happened, the other boy who was cast as Wayne was sick with the measles the week that "The Outcasts" was filming and I was hurriedly called in as a replacement. Which fits very well with the episode, come to think of it!

What was it like acting on the set of Mr. Belvedere?

I arrived at the ABC Studios in the middle of the day and walked onto the sound stage. There was the Mr. Belvedere set, the living room/dining room and kitchen set which faced the audience, Wesley's room off to one side, and way off to the side, the set for the nursing home in that episode and Mr. Belvedere's room. I remember it pretty well. I hadn't seen the show or the movie, but I was a big baseball fan and thought Bob Uecker was a pretty funny guy, so that's what I thought was the coolest part.

So I did table readings earlier in the week, then rehearsals and a run-through, each time with some changes to the script. I couldn't get the right delivery on a line in table readings and in the next draft, it was changed, then changed again. Like I said, I wasn't that great of an actor at the time, and didn't always get how to deliver a line the way it was intended. I just didn't "get it" a lot of the time, which is what happens when you're nine.

There actually isn't a lot of time for younger actors to hang around, since our working hours are limited by law and when we weren't working we had to do schoolwork supervised by an on-location tutor. We didn't see Brice, who had his own tutor, or other kids like we would have in school, so it's actually a pretty isolating experience. I worked on memorizing my lines, since the worst thing I could think of was to forget or mess up a line while they were taping.

So we had a full rehearsal on Thursday, where we were in costume and had props. During the party scene, we all had plates with a slice of cake on it. We were sternly warned not to eat or touch the cake. But you know, I was a pretty impulsive kid, so I kept thinking about it. Finally, when everyone's attention was elsewhere during the rehearsal, I had my chance. I swiped my finger over one tiny corner of the clear blue frosting and put it in my mouth. Do you know what is clear, blue, looks like frosting and doesn't melt under studio lighting? Gel toothpaste. Yeah. I just ate toothpaste. I'm probably lucky I didn't have the white frosting, which was probably spackle. That's right, the cake was a lie!

Well, before I knew it, it was Friday and we were shooting. Live audience, all the lights down, everyone's very serious. It was exhilarating and terrifying. Backstage after makeup and before the taping, I crossed paths with Bob Uecker. I didn't think it showed that I was nervous, but I was. He said hi, offered me some words of encouragement and a couple Tic Tacs. That really meant a lot to me, that the guy I most looked up to took just a little bit of time to encourage me when I needed it most.

I got through everything fine, didn't mess up my lines, and got a little rush when I heard the audience laugh at my lines. But just as quickly, it was over. The next week, I was back to school.

I think it's really interesting that you were once a 2-time Jeopardy champion. I'm sure it was a very exciting time for you. You seem like a really well read guy. Was this after Mr. Belvedere? Before? Or long after?

I've always had a memory for trivia and an interest in knowing a little about everything. Once I discovered the web in college, it only got more pronounced. I'm glad I found a way to make it pay off! I know it helped having experience in front of a studio audience, so I can definitely say that my bit part on Mr. Belvedere helped me win on Jeopardy!

You've been in the computer games industry since 1995. I assume you've always liked computer games (I do too!). What led to your playing them to actually working on them?

I always had things easy in school and made the mistake of picking a very demanding college. I wasn't up for the amount of work involved and my school was not very accommodating in that situation. So at 19 I got myself a job programming video games at Sega instead of finishing college.

What's the one computer game has been your favorite to play, and what is that one computer game that has been your favorite to work on?

I have to mention my current favorite game, which is Plants vs. Zombies, not only because I worked on a game project in college with its programmer, but because it's a fun and satisfying game. My favorite game to work on is definitely the one I'm currently working on at Blizzard!

What does a "Tools Programmer" for Blizzard Entertainment do?

Basically, I get to write software that helps empower the amazingly talented and creative folks on my team do the best work they can. So I don't work directly on improving the game as much as working on improving the process of developing the game.

What is LA Life?

After I was a part of the team that made the game True Crime: Streets of LA and its sequel, I wanted to run my own business with a friend of mine. Making original game console games as a startup, what I wanted to do, had basically become a really bad business to get into -- you could say the frontier had closed.

But it was about this time, late 2005, that web development, particularly in Ruby, a programming language I had picked up some years earlier, was exploding. I had, a year earlier, gone through an exhaustive analytical home search to find the best place to buy a home and commute to where I worked. The centerpiece of this search was a huge wall map where I had scribbled statistics about different neighborhoods and zip codes. So the idea I had was to make a website that provided this information, and that's LA Life. After I went to Paul Graham's seminar at Harvard, I left the game studio Luxoflux to work on creating LA Life full-time, which was a lot of fun. I loved being a full-time entrepreneur, but then there was a certain real estate and economic downturn, as I'm sure you're aware. So I went into consulting and worked for a while at a company called Applied Minds until I ended up at Blizzard, which is just awesome.

Finally, I just want to mention my incredible wife Jennifer and our two sons, Alexander and Daniel, all of whom I love very much. All other things considered, being married to Jen and raising our kids together is the highlight of my life.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Where Are They Now? #1

With the DVDs out, and more on the way, it's nice to see new interviews with the cast. Over the years and through a few magazines, we've been kept up to date with what's been going on with them since the show went off the air.

But what of the guest stars? A few of them continued acting, with one or two achieving huge success like James Cromwell, and other people went off and did other things in different fields.

I thought it would be nice to see, through a basic search online, what the guests stars of the show are up to now on an episode basis. Since the most recently revisited episode is "The Outcasts", let's start there.

Casey Ellison appeared in "The Outcasts" for the first time as Miles, who would eventually become Wesley's best friend. His other notable credit is "Allen Anderson" in the popular Punky Brewster, which was telecast at roughly the same time as Mr. Belvedere. Casey is a tough guy to find info on. Information is a bit sketchy, but based on IMDB, he has continued acting on and off, with his last acting credit being the thriller "Head Hunter" in 2002, and he has several crew credit as an electrician, most notably for "Starship Troopers: Hero of the Federation" in 2004. His last crew credit was for set dresser for the short film "Horses in the Sky" in 2007.

According to Wikipedia, Casey now lives in Lafayette, Indiana and works as a research assistant at Purdue University, although I haven't been able to independently confirm that.

Zach Baker, who played Wayne, has only one acting credit in his IMDB page. However, I've since gotten some interesting updates on the whereabouts of Zach, so much so it deserves a whole post of its own. Coming soon!

Christina Nigra, who played Roda, continues to act and has a fair bit of credits in her IMDB page. Her most notable role to date is Lindsay Selkirk which she played for 80 episodes for 5 years in the series "Out of this World".

You can visit her official site here:

There you can find new photographs of her like the one below.

Gokul, whose real name is apparently Datta V. Gokhale, played Mr. Rajnij.

According to IMDB, he has appeared in numerous notable shows and films like Hill Street Blues, Naked Gun, NYPD Blue, Profiler, and most recently he played a sherpa guide (photos below) in the pilot episode of Eli Stone in 2008.