Monday, August 6, 2001

Christopher Hewett Tribute

A few days ago I received an email telling me that Christopher Hewett had passed away. I was skeptical, because I knew how easy it is to say anything on the Internet. I decided to get in touch with some of those who were close to him to confirm the news. So I wrote to Rob Stone, who played Kevin on the show. Rob had emailed me once after he saw the site and confirmed to me that he was not Marilyn Manson. I thanked him for writing, as he had requested, I promised not to give out his address. I know some of you really want to write him, and I understand it, really. If it was up to me I would tell you, but I can't. I'm sorry! I tried not to write him too much after that because I wanted to respect his privacy. But this was an exception. So I wrote him, and not long after he sent me this reply. I thought I could share it with all of you.

Yes, Chris passed away Friday at the age of 80. He was a wonderful man and an enormous talent. He'll be greatly missed.


Posted 8:54 AM by Gerry Alanguilan

I've put the TRIBUTE page up. Thanks to all those who have written me and sent their anecdotes, and thanks to all those who agreed to let me use their words for the site. If you have something to say about Christopher Hewett and Mr. Belvedere, please feel free to write me and I'll put it up there. I hope you pardon me for not automating this process, but it's just a way of keeping the freaks from leaving inappropriate messages, specially at this time.

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