Saturday, August 4, 2001

I Can't Stay Away

(Mr. Belvedere)

Believe it or not, Mr. Belvedere had a huge influence in my life. It was 1996. I was at home resting after months of gruelling work and all I wanted to do was channel surf. This was where I discovered Mr. Belvedere. I would later learn that the show had been off the air for 6 years, after it had been on the air since 1985. So I guess I never really grew up with the show, but I can certainly say I have grown, if only for a little bit, after watching it.

It wasn't the funniest of shows. In fact, there were jokes that simply fell flat, and some were absolutely corny, just like the jokes my dad would crack once in a while. But in spite of that, the show felt real. The characters felt real. There were times I felt like I was watching a reality TV show into a real American family where cameras would follow them around. The Owenses became like a second family, and Mr. Belvedere, a big wise old uncle. In the many decisions I have made in my life since then, I have often wondered, well, what would Mr. Belvedere do in this situation? Would he do this? What would he say? What would he decide?

I'm speaking of course, of Mr. Belvedere and the effect he had on my life. But what of Christopher Hewett? To be honest, I really don't know him. I don't know what he's like. But I did get to know him in bits and pieces from those lives he had affected. His cast mates speak fondly of him, as I have read in that special Mr. Belvedere "Where Are They Now?" article from a People Magazine issue last year. I had gotten in touch with a former guest star, Mr. Harvey Goldenberg, and he was all praises for Christopher. He told me the story of how at times Christopher would have an acute attack of his arthritis and yet he took it and he continued to work like a trouper. He continued to make everyone feel welcome on the set. He made sure the guests were treated special. I believe Mr. Goldenberg. I'm sure that Christopher indeed was a truly wonderful and special man.

I had his address for several years. In fact, I have posted it on this site somewhere. But for some reason, I never worked up the guts to actually pick up the pen and actually write to him. What could I possibly say? It has occurred to me just now that I could have at least thanked him. I now wish that I had.

Thank you Mr. Hewett for all the great and wonderful memories. You will be sorely missed.

Do you have something to say about Christopher Hewett and Mr. Belvedere? You can write me at this address: mrbeaverfalls at yahoo dot com I'll be putting up a tribute page where I'll be putting up all your comments.
Posted 12:05 PM by Gerry Alanguilan

I just learned that Christopher Hewett passed away. He died Friday, August 3. I know he had been ill for a while, but it was still quite a shock nonetheless. I'll be writing a much more fitting eulogy for him later tonight. Thanks Christopher, thanks Mr. Belvedere for all the great and wonderful memories. You were, and still are, THE BEST!

Posted 10:15 AM by Gerry Alanguilan

Hello Everybody! Contrary to what I have mentioned in this site previously, I have changed my mind and will continue to update this site, although not as often as I did before. I have put up this on line journal so surfers to this site will have a place where they can see what new updates there are, or if I just have any thoughts about the show that I wish to share.

Try as I might, I really just can't stay away. :)

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