Friday, August 10, 2001


I got an email from DAVID STAAB with the subject line "So sorry for your loss". I thought, well, why should he be sorry to me, I never lost anyone. I'm thinking that maybe it's for the tribute. So I look inside and David turns around and tells me, in huge capital letters, "GET A LIFE!".

I could ignore it of course, but I'm not kind of person. Most likely a lot of other people visiting this site are thinking the same thing. Some of you reading this are probably thinking that same thing right now. For their benefit and David Staab's, I'm going to pursue it here.

Probably David Staab thinks I've got nothing else to do, and that Mr. Belvedere fans have got nothing else to do. He probably thinks we do nothing but sit in our rooms and watch nothing but Mr. Belvedere 20 hours a day, and devote the next 4 hours to creating websites about the show.

Apprently, David Staab thinks that he is an authority in my life so much so that thinks he is knowledgeable enough to pass judgment on my life and what I do. I think that's remarkable because I've never met David Staab. From this I can maybe draw a couple of conclusions. Maybe he's psychic. Or maybe he's a stalker. Creepy! Or maybe he's just someone who's got nothing else to do but drop bombs of judgment on poor unsuspecting webmasters of defunct TV shows.

I wouldn't know, I don't know David Staab. But I do know what he wrote to me. David Staab, don't you have anything better to do? Who between the two of us really doesn't have a life?

I have no regrets making the website. I'm proud that I've done it, and I will continue to do it. Mr. Belvedere was truly one of the warmest, comfortably amusing shows in television. One of the reasons I've put this all together is to keep the memory of this wonderful show alive, and hope that the show be once again put on the air. I truly believe that everyone in the world will be better off with a Mr. Belvedere on their side, including YOU, David Staab.

For everyone's info, yes, I've got a life. What makes people think I don't? I don't see the logic and reasoning that anyone devoting time to appreciate a show like this as a hobby be considered as not having a life. While I love this show, it's not the only thing I devote my time too. In fact, for the past year or so, I've practically neglected the site because demands on my time from other places are just simply too much. For anyone interested, THIS is what I really do.

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